About Us

Sojourn Housing Co-op is a 30 unit cooperative located in the heart of Vancouver’s West End.


In accordance with the structure of co-op living and the Occupancy Agreement of Sojourn, all co-op members are required to serve on committees, attend monthly general meetings, attend annual board/membership meetings, participate in work parties, provide assistance in running the Co-op and maintenance of the building (work roster.) On average co-op participation requires about 2h to 6h of work per month per adult member. Time varies depending on the committee.

Size of Units & Current Housing Charges:

– 12   one-bedroom units (4 are wheelchair accessible.) 650 sq.ft. – $1012.00 – $1038.00 per month
– 4    small two-bedrooms units. 650 sq.ft. – $1114.00 per month
– 11   large two-bedroom units (4 are wheelchair accessible.) 850-950 sq.ft. – $1330.00 per month
– 3    three-bedroom units. 940-1225 sq.ft. – $1548.00 per month

A single person may only occupy a one-bedroom unit. Two people may only occupy a one or two-bedroom unit.

Share Purchase:

Share purchase principal member $1,500 / associate member $10.

Housing charges Cover:

Mortgage principal, interest, taxes, maintenance of building and facilities, common area electricity, hot water, insurance on common areas, enterphone and replacement reserve.

Members pay for:

Telephone, cablevision, household electricity including electric heat and compulsory liability occupant insurance.  Membership Resignation: Resignation must be in writing and must be given two (2) full calendar months before the date of vacating the Co-op.