Welcome to Sojourn Housing Co-op

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood, Sojourn Co-op has been providing communal housing for Vancouverites since the early 1980’s!

We are a 30 unit building with 1, 2 & 3 bedroom suites. Some of our units are wheelchair accessible.

The purpose of Sojourn Housing Cooperative is to establish a community of people from a mix of cultural backgrounds and a variety of income levels who collectively own and manage the property within the co-op. Our co-op encourages active participation and democratic member decision making based on the principles of dignity, honesty, openness, integrity and social and environmental responsibility. Sojourn Co-op encourages community development and individual growth potential using education and the practical experience within the co-op environment.

Mission Statement

Sojourn Housing Co-op is a community of people who choose to live and work together to provide all members with safe, caring and healthy housing in an urban environment. We are a diverse community embracing people of any age, culture, ability, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion, belief, income or family unit.