At present, we unfortunately have no vacancies, but we are accepting applications for our waitlist. Please click the links below to download the applications for the size of unit you require:




*Important Note About 3 Bedrooms Suites: Please note, our building only has three 3 bedroom suites. Applicants are welcome to apply for a 3 bedrooms unit but must be aware that those units very rarely become available (10 years or more) and that 3 bedrooms are first made available to internal members before they are opened to the general public. If you absolutely need a 3 bedroom unit, we recommend applying to other co-ops that have more of those types of units available, for instance, Amicae Co-op also located in the Vancouver WestEnd.

Once your application is filled out, you can email it to :

or send it in the regular mail at :

Sojourn Housing Co-op
Attention : Membership Committee
1763 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC  V6G 1M6

About Subsidized Housing

Applicants requiring subsidy are welcome to apply however, we currently have no subsidy units available. Subsidy units become available if we go below our current maximum of subsidized units and it’s unfortunately impossible to predict when that will be.

Minimum Financial Requirements

Any applications that do not meet with our minimum financial requirements, will not be kept on file.

The minimum household income required for a small 1-bedroom is $40,480 and $41,520 for a large 1-bedroom.

The minimum household income required for a small 2-bedrooms is $44,560 and $53,200 for a large 2-bedroom.

The minimum household income required for a 3-bedrooms is $61,920.

How to keep your application active?
One important date to remember :

Please note : Every August, the membership committee does an audit of all the applications that were received throughout the past 12 months. To remain active on the waitlist, we ask that those who have applied on or before March 31st send an updated application form during the month of July, ensuring that it arrives by August 1st. Due to the volume of applications we receive, applicants who fail to send an updated application by that date will, unfortunately, be removed from the waitlist.

Special Exception
Applications dated between March 31st and August 1st, will be kept on file until August 1st of the following year. An updated application is only required by August 1st of the following year.